Online Store

MichelsonMD Skincare

My task for this client was to create an online store to feature his personal skin care line, in tandem with his cosmetic practice website.  The color pallet is similar to his main website for consistency.  This website does not use our standard Divi interface as the project required a more complex theme, specific for e-commerce.  This website features WooCommerce, Paypal API integration (the configuration required to receive secured payments online), and includes tax and shipping tables.  The store contains 40 products with full descriptions, size metrics, and special notification flags for products which require a prescription prior to purchase.  This online store allows users to create accounts and set up recurring orders in addition to making one-time purchases.  This is an example of a complex site from a setup and maintenance perspective.  In addition to creating the website, I also created all of the imagery using individual renderings sent by the manufacturer of the client’s products.  The imagery was developed in PSD using layers.

Project Cost